Jehmu is an established speaker and television commentator who joined FOX News Channel as a progressive Political Analyst in 2010. She has also appeared on CBS Evening News, The Daily Show, NBC Nightly News, AM Joy, MTV News, Anderson Cooper 360, and Bloomberg Television, to name a few.

Listen in and click to view some of her highlights:

During a 2018 appearance on FOX News, Jehmu called on Keith Ellison to remove a tweet seemingly promoting ANTIFA, reminding us that the Democratic party believes “cooperation is better than conflict, unity is better than division, empowerment is better than resentment, and bridges are better than walls.”


During the Democratic National Committee leadership debate on CNN, Jehmu said the Democratic party has to be the "last line of defense" for the US Constitution.


In June 2018, Jehmu discussed how some Democrats want to abolish ICE on FOX News: “We have to find a way to protect these families that are fleeing persecution and violence, and she’s also saying we need to separate immigration from criminal justice issues. The demonization of undocumented immigrants we’re seeing, the hyperbole that we see from the president, from conservatives who are trying to use this as a political issue, it is dangerous to our democracy and I think we can all agree that this issue, right now, is tearing our country apart.”