Jehmu is a nuanced writer whose op-eds and political pieces are packed with sharp analysis, a powerful voice and of-the-moment insight. She has covered the consequences of the GOP’s health legislation for women, the civil rights movement following Charlottesville and how the rise of the “pink wave” is propelling women into leadership roles, among other political and social justice issues.

Jehmu has contributed writing to FOX News, U.S. News and World Report, HuffPost, and CNBC. Her selected clips can be found below.


International Women's Day: A 'Pink Wave' is coming as more women than ever step into leadership roles

“International Women’s Day 2018 feels tangibly different, as we witness the daily momentum around global activism for women's equality.”


This is why I'm voting for Hillary Clinton in 2016

“To continue to break down barriers, we need leaders who understand that women's issues are also America's issues.”


Media Outlets Need to Take a Look in the Mirror

“Progressive media is frequently outspoken on issues of gender inequality, but too often but fails to address disparity in their own ranks. As full citizens of a democracy, women are entitled to an equal voice in the issues affecting their nation, their communities, and themselves.”


Charlottesville's lessons: Our civil rights movement is stronger than an impotent Trump and white supremacists

“These are the last kicks of a dying hog. They don’t stand a chance against a movement for civil rights and justice that has been resisting, persisting, and winning from day one of our democracy.”